Your website is not your newspaper

It's OK if your 1A story is not the most important story on your website, because they're different products. Internet history shows us that trying to be everything tends to leave you with nothing.

Learning to love the Goog: Google Apps Script

Are you working in the news industry? Chances are you have exactly 0 dollars to spend on dev tools/hosting/etc. Luckily, Google can help.

Editing EXIF data in PHP

A quick-and-dirty PHP script to edit the EXIF data (caption) for photos (JPEGs only).

Og make fire? Fire HOT! Choosing your tools for digital journalism

Journalists tend to rely on a lot of externally-produced tools. Taking the time to judiciously select the ones that get used is well worth it.

Dynamically loading & tracking videos with VideoJS/Google Analytics

Using free tools for our responsive design documentary project.

The NSA is not lying

Everyone thinks the NSA is always lying. It's not. Journalists just aren't listening right or asking the proper questions.