Electioneering – Covering Election Day with data, maps and print

Automating some mapping of elections results - with a few unexpected problems.

SVGLite – jQuery plugin for manipulating SVG fills, strokes and sizing

A jQuery plugin for manipulating SVG fills, strokes and sizes. With 100% less "convert your image to a JSON object" than RaphaelJS!

FauxDB: Making it by faking it

Building out a way to present simple databases online (that can be used by the average reporter). Believe me, it's the latter part that presents the biggest challenge.

Live journalism: Pushing to York Fair

An idea to inject some live journalism into the YDR booth at the York Fair.

It’s game time: Using Google Docs as a CMS

Building a responsively-designed high school football preview.

User-submitted photo galleries

We had about two weeks to build a system to collect user-submitted photos and display them in galleries. For no cost. We did it, but we might have cheated a bit.